Dr. Max Fomitchev
June 14, 2010

Dr. Max Fomitchev was born on May 1st, 1975 in Smolensk, 250 miles west of Moscow. He got married and graduated in 1997 with a Masters in Computer Engineering, and then fled to the United States. He said he felt his escape was saving his life from the filth and corruption in his homeland.

While in the USA, Max lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma working as a computer consultant, and resuming writing music and conducting research in astrophysics. Max started composing music when he was only 16 years old. He is currently a professor at Penn State University.

I first heard of Max back in 2003 when I was searching the web for new music, I was bored with mainstream music, I wanted something unique, came across his site, and listened to some of the samples. One of the songs just clicked with me, it was called “Letting Go”, a song that was 100% original and was composed by Max. I bought a bunch of his MP3’s, the music was just awesome, very unique sound.

I remember reading about Max’s vision for the future on his web site back then. His vision was to mix classical music with techno music. He wanted to fill classical music concert halls that were empty cause of the lack of interest in classical music, fill them and play his mixed versions to the masses. At that time his music was being played on the radio and in clubs. He said in his bio that one day he would be famous. I do not doubt that for one minute.

Now his dream of playing to the masses is coming true. He has had two shows so far that were hits with the audience, first one was in January 2006 and the latest one was in April 2010. He has plans on future concerts in the fall and next spring. He has a good crew and now has management.  Max is getting a lot of good press.

Here is a video of his latest concert, the song is Pacifica, its’ just awesome:

Visit his site, maybe you will become a fan too: