How to post an image or chart on SI with Jing.
March 19, 2010

Silicon Investor’s Image Uploader is gone.  This is how to post a chart or image that is on “your” computer or a Flash based chart, and make it appear in a Silicon Investor message using Jing. This may look overwhelming, but once you know how to do it, should only take you 30 seconds or less to complete. Jing is a free program that gives you 2 GB of server space and 2 GB of bandwidth.

Download Jing here:

(Watch the video first, to see all the things you can do with Jing)

1. Capture your image with Jing, by clicking the first icon:

2. The next screen in Jing will come up, click the Share via icon (first icon) to upload it to the server. As soon as it is uploaded to the server, a link will be copied to your clipboard in Windows. Note: You can’t see the clipboard, it’s buried deep inside Windows and it’s not necessary to view the clipboard. We can discuss how to view the clipboard in another topic.

3. Start a message on Silicon Investor and paste the link in your post using Ctrl V or right mouse click and select paste.

4. Your message and link will look like this (use the Preview mode first):

5. Click on that link, you will see your capture in a screen like this, with Jing advertising. (Jing Pro users won’t see advertising, you will just see your capture surrounded by black space)

6. Click on the image, and the URL will change to the image URL that you need to post on Silicon Investor. It will look like this, the image surrounded with white space:

Note the URL will end in .png, this is an image file. Your URL must end in .png or you can not post the image on Silicon Investor. If it does not end in .png, make sure you clicked on the image in the screen with Jing’s advertising.

7. Firefox users, right click on the image and select copy image location. Or even easier, in the address bar in your browser, copy the URL and then paste that into your post on Silicon Investor.

8. After pasting the URL, using Silicon Investors method for posting images, at the beginning of the URL type: [chart] and then at the end of the URL type: [/chart] You must use the brackets around the word chart.

9. One last step and you are done, delete the http:// from the image URL, once that is done, click Post Public, and your image will show up in your message post:

10. You can delete your original link you were given when you uploaded your image to’s server. (Step 4)  It will be in your history section in Jing if you ever need it agian.

If you are still having problems, please post a message for help on the Computer Learning board on SI:


If you would like to test your captures before you post them in your public messages on SI, post them on this board that was created for testing your posts before public viewing:


Update September 23 2010 :
If you find the above tutorial a bit confusing, I created a VIDEO  tutorial on this same subject: