Strip Tease

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Get ready for this HOT CHICK to do a striptease for you. She will take off her shirt, her skirt, then it gets really interesting. Have fun.

Photocopied Butt

November 10, 2010 - 4 Responses

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Well it’s that time of year again, where people drink too much and make an ass of themselves. As seen in this video, don’t go and photocopy your butt!

The glass could break and you will be spending a few hours in the emergency room getting stitched up.

Not to mention, explaining what happened to your boss and co-workers, and paying to fix the machine.

Instead use this image of a photocopied butt.

Just think, next time you use the photocopier, someone’s bare bottom could have been on there.  Pretty gross huh?


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Rodney Reynolds (AKA 3dGameMan) started Godem Online Inc. in 1995 as an Internet Service Provider. In 1998 was started as a hobby. Since then the company has migrated into the review industry.

The first Video Review was completed in 2000. Since then he’s reviewed over 1600 products. Today the site consists of video & written reviews, latest technology news and a large forum.

Here is a sample of the video reviews he does:

Here is a link to his site:

Also Rodney has a live web show on Saturday nights at 9:30 PM Eastern Time, it’s a half hour show with viewers attending from all over the world.  There is a live chat as well, where he takes questions and feedback from the audience. 

Live show can be accessed here:

Rodney Reynolds Live

How Jing and Screencast Works

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Questions Jing Users Ask About

TechSmith develops Jing and (And other products too!) Jing can upload content to so you can send a link to it instead of sending files around. Here are some frequently asked questions.

What is is TechSmith’s content hosting service. You might think of it like a very private “YouTube” but two key differences are that you are in total control and your content is not altered in any way.

Why does Jing require me to sign up for

Jing and were designed to work together to provide everyone with a free way to share links to their hosted content. is also used to verify your Jing account status.

Does Jing only work with

No. You can upload content to your own FTP server, save images and videos to your computer, and more.

Is free for Jing users?

Yes. We give you 2 GB of storage, and 2 GB of bandwidth per month.

Is private?

Yes. Your content on is your business. (You can make it public if you want to.) To see your content, the viewer needs to have your link (URL).

How private is private?

Really private. Your content is uploaded to your account on No one, including TechSmith employees, can view your content unless they have the URL to your content. URLs are randomly generated from one of 1028 possibilities.

Does my content expire or get deleted?

No. Your content remains until you delete it.

Can I use for stuff besides Jing?

While is optimized for images and video viewing, you can put any type of file on

What does bandwidth mean?

Bandwidth is the amount of data that is transferred between your account and your viewers. You are allotted 2 GB for free per month. To add some context, if you had a 10 MB video file, it could be watched 200 times per month. You can buy more bandwidth as needed or upgrade to a Pro account.

What does a Pro account give me and what does it cost?

A Pro account costs $9.95 per month. The two largest benefits are more storage and bandwidth, and the ability to customize the page your viewers see to reflect your brand identity or personality.

Where’s the best place to learn more about

Check out the Help Center:

To download Jing, click here:

How to post a chart or image in your Silicon Investor message with Jing:  Click Here

Dr. Max Fomitchev

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Dr. Max Fomitchev was born on May 1st, 1975 in Smolensk, 250 miles west of Moscow. He got married and graduated in 1997 with a Masters in Computer Engineering, and then fled to the United States. He said he felt his escape was saving his life from the filth and corruption in his homeland.

While in the USA, Max lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma working as a computer consultant, and resuming writing music and conducting research in astrophysics. Max started composing music when he was only 16 years old. He is currently a professor at Penn State University.

I first heard of Max back in 2003 when I was searching the web for new music, I was bored with mainstream music, I wanted something unique, came across his site, and listened to some of the samples. One of the songs just clicked with me, it was called “Letting Go”, a song that was 100% original and was composed by Max. I bought a bunch of his MP3’s, the music was just awesome, very unique sound.

I remember reading about Max’s vision for the future on his web site back then. His vision was to mix classical music with techno music. He wanted to fill classical music concert halls that were empty cause of the lack of interest in classical music, fill them and play his mixed versions to the masses. At that time his music was being played on the radio and in clubs. He said in his bio that one day he would be famous. I do not doubt that for one minute.

Now his dream of playing to the masses is coming true. He has had two shows so far that were hits with the audience, first one was in January 2006 and the latest one was in April 2010. He has plans on future concerts in the fall and next spring. He has a good crew and now has management.  Max is getting a lot of good press.

Here is a video of his latest concert, the song is Pacifica, its’ just awesome:

Visit his site, maybe you will become a fan too:

Jing Overview Video

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Most everyone on Silicon Investor knows I am a real fan of Jing. I use it daily for image captures and also for sending quick videos to the site admins on problems. Sometimes it is faster to show the problem and explain it. It only takes seconds to create a quick video, and you get your point across more effectively. Jing just makes communicating more efficient.

I know some just use Jing for stock chart captures, thats great, but you should at least give the video function a try. Say you have a family photo you want to send to a friend or relative. Capture it with the Jing video button, and tell your audience about the photo.

See this example:

If you think Jing can make you communicate more effectively, click below to go to the download site. Its a quick and easy install. Have fun!


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KnickerPicker is the worlds first online dressing room and an online shopping store that allows you to pick a model and dress her up in a wide variety of lingerie and have her model it for you. They are a United Kingdom based company, all prices are in Pounds Sterling.

Once your model is dressed in the lingerie you want to view, click the commands, to turn around, walk forward, walk back. Try it out on my blog. They also have a Youtube Channel.

Visit their site, maybe you will find something for yourself, or if you are a male, that special lady in your life.

Click here to visit:

Here is a Pounds Sterling to US Dollar conversion site:

FTC – Photocopier Hard Drives

May 27, 2010 - 5 Responses

Photocopied Bottom Butt Bum

Update to this blog post:

Serious Photocopier Security Risk – April 30, 2010

FTC gets to the bottom of photocopier hard-drives – The barefaced cheek is not just for Christmas | TechEye.

Those photocopies of your bottom, which you thought would be an original and funny statement of the contents of your soul during the office Christmas party, have started to worry the US Federal Trade Commission.

The FTC is worried that the pictures at the bottom end of the market are being stored on the photocopier’s hard drive and could be used to make an ass of you.

At the moment it is just happy with issuing a warning that if you photocopy your butt on a modern copier, it’s probably still there, but it might be forced to do something about it in the future.

Modern copiers store the image on the copier’s hard drive, along with medical forms, financial documents, and all your company secrets.

Once the copiers are resold or their lease expires it is possible to lift it out and use the information.

CBS got its paws on one of these hard-drives and found “a list of targets in a major drug raid” from the Buffalo Police Narcotics Unit. It also scored Social Security numbers, medical documents, and “$40,000 in copied cheques.”

The Chairman of the FTC, Jon Leibowitz, said his agency is taking the matter quite seriously. After all, there might be a hairy posture view of Leibowitz or any one else in the FTC hanging on a notice board of the Chinese secret service, causing much mirth.

According to Leibowitz, the FTC is now “reaching out” to copier manufacturers, resellers, and retail copy and office supply stores to ensure that they are aware of the privacy risks associated with digital copiers and to determine whether they are warning their customers about these risks.

“We will work with these entities to help ensure that they provide appropriate educational materials on the subject to their clients,” he said.

The FTC said it avoids the problem internally by signing lease agreements that give the agency full ownership of the hard drives inside the copiers.

When the lease is up, the FTC will “erase and subsequently destroy these hard drives” before returning the copiers.

I have a question; Why did it take almost 9 years for the media and now Government to catch onto this security threat? Warnings were given back in 2001, and fell on deaf ears. What gives?

August 31, 2001 issue of CRN
IT Administrators May Be Overlooking Copier/Printer Security Risks

Browser and Email Poll

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