Strange Sounds From The Sky

For some time now, people have been reporting strange sounds from the sky all over the world.  Some believe its the trumpet sounds in Revelations, alerting people to the second coming of Christ. Others believe its due to HAARP.  I have heard and recorded these sounds myself, one can he heard in this video clip below, the sound made the dogs in my neighborhood go nuts.

Lots of people are adding fuel to the fire by creating hoax videos and posting them on YouTube.  I believe there is an explanation for these sounds, a scientific explanation. I do not believe they are from anything else but natural, or man made noises, like natural gas flaring to other machinery.  Sounds can travel a long ways in the right conditions.

Listen to this video, what is your opinion? Is this a warning of the second coming? HAARP? A man made sound? A natural sound?

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