Why is tech support so bad these days?

I called Lenovo tech support last night for a problem I was having with dual monitors on my T60P Lenovo ThinkPad notebook. The external monitor I had plugged in the VGA port turned into my primary monitor (1) and my notebook screen was the extended desktop (2).

The notebook’s screen should have been my primary monitor, I could not figure out what was happening. So I got a tech support guy on the phone who was from Georgia, USA. I had to explain the problem 3 times to him. He told me to Google it and he would check his database and call me back, as he had no idea what was causing it.

So I Googled and no luck. Played around a while trying different things and solved it. It was the order the power was turned on that was the issue. If the external monitor was powered up when the computer was turned on, it would turn into my primary monitor and my notebook screen would be the extended desktop.

The solution, turn the power off to the external monitor and power the notebook up first, then turn the power on the external monitor, that solved the issue. My notebook was now the primary monitor (1) and the external monitor was my extended desktop (2).

The Lenovo tech support guy never did call me back.

I have owned so many computers over the years and would call tech support on issues and bugs I was having on my Windows 95/98/2000 machines. 90% of the time I got a tech support guy or gal that was extremely knowledgeable and would either have the solution on the tip of their tongue or in their database. The problem would be solve and an explanation why it occurred was given in most cases.

Not so now a days, tech support from most companies is REALLY bad. I wonder how many “days” of training these guys go through before becoming a tech support technician? It surely can’t be years of training, some of the techs are so clueless it’s pathetic.

I long for the old days, when tech support would solve your problems, sadly I don’t think we will ever see those days again.

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