My Jing a ling, my Jing a ling, won’t you play with my Jing a ling.

A couple weeks ago I came across this awesome piece of software from, it’s called Jing.   A small download, quick install and you are ready to go.  Capture images of your screen and upload them to Jing’s server with a couple mouse clicks, display images in your message board posts or website.  Or, capture video of that nasty computer bug you can’t describe, and narrate it so it can be diagnosed by others you share the video with.  The uses with Jing are endless.

Download Jing today, it’s 100% free and very easy to use.

My experience with Jing.

I did a lot of testing with it when I first downloaded it, posting images and videos on chat sites.  Then one day I needed Jing to help my mother learn how to bookmark websites in Firefox.  She knows hardly anything about computers, so I created a video in Jing and explained how to bookmark her websites.

I had other uses for it as well, posting screen grabs for investment chat room messages and computer related topics.  Jing and I are going to get a long just fine, very impressed with this software, so I upgraded to Jing Pro for only 14.95 a year.  You get MPEG4 videos, better quality sound and you can upload your videos to Youtube. 

Here are a couple test video captures I did with Jing, just to show what you can do with it.


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